To continue career as a Psychotherapist in the field of Human Development in specific or global contexts. Particularly interested in contributing to the development and teaching of innovative, creative programs for women and leadership, children and families in transition in national, international, and/or educational settings. Seeking opportunity to serve, using experience and abilities, to improve conditions of women, children and families around the world.

Will consider assignments on a direct or per diem basis.

Available for travel.


Experienced in developing leadership in all ages, in inspiring young people toward their highest goals; creating music and art programs for children, gifted and with learning difficulties; managing grief counseling groups with young people in school settings, counseling through music and the arts, and child and family and work behavior management groups.  Through my years of experience working with many ages, I have observed how essential issues of trust and self esteem are to each human being's ability to form healthy productive personal and work relationships.

Experienced as consultant in managing faculty / board / parent conflict resolution, and cross cultural issues. 17 years Licensed Marriage, Family, Child Counselor.

Success in a variety of private, public and international school and organizational settings and consultancies.

Personal and professional recognition as visual artist and musician: composed and produced a CD entitled, "Inner Landscapes": http://www.krisgannon.com/marilla.html,  and a Children's Music CD, entitled, "UNUSUAL MUSICAL CAT".


Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor License, (MFT License #MJ 021755), 1986.

Antioch University, San Francisco, California
Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology, emphasis on Child Development, 1982
George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Graduate Study in Special Education, (1971-1973)
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
Bachelor of Arts, Pre-med/General Studies, (1965)

Additional Study:

Putney Institute of Art, Putney, England
Italian Language, Sculpture, and Printmaking, (1966)
University of Vienna, Austria
German Language, (1967)
Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D.C.
Printmaking, (Etching, Serigraphy), (1970-1972)
College of Marin, Kentfield, California:
     Music, composition and theory; Printmaking, (Etching, Lithography) (1975-1977)
Advanced Management Training for Women, Washington, D.C., 1972


1986 - present, Psychotherapist in private practice, Corte Madera, California, USA

1989 – present, Educational Consultant; Clients include:

California Neuropsychology Services
Media Learning Center, and The Studio
One St. Vincent Drive
San Rafael, Ca 94903
Worked with K – 6 students; developing and testing Read, Write and Type, a phonics based multi sensory computer program. Helped create The Studio, at Arcada Arts & Academics, (a consortium of non-profits serving children and families).

Santa Rosa Charter School
1835 West Steele Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Behavior management groups and consulting; resolving conflict for faculty/ board and parents for this international (I.B. PYP) school.

Mill Valley Middle School
425 Sycamore Street
Mill Valley, Ca., USA
Grief counseling, group and individual, for middle school students experiencing the loss of a family member; team building; teacher/counselor/student consults;

Additional History/Experience:

I come from a family history that includes public service and travel. My paternal grandfather was Rear Admiral R. R. Waesche, Commandant of the United States Coast Guard from 1936 -1945. My maternal grandfather, Captain B.C. Thorn, also a career Coast Guardsman, taught Thermodynamics and Engineering courses at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, where my parents first met and fell in love. My father, Admiral R.R. Waesche, Jr., after retiring from the Coast Guard, served directly under John Volpe, Secretary of Transportation, as Secretarial Representative for the Department of Transportation for Kansas City, Missouri. He also served as head of the Federal Executive Board there.

Rich educational and cultural experiences have included traveling, working, studying, and performing in cafes, around the Pacific Northwest during University years, and through Europe.

During my undergraduate study at the University of Washington, I was employed as a houseparent at the Children's Home Society of Washington. I lived at the Children's Home for three years, working rotating shifts, around class schedules, with 12 boys (aged 6-12), 12 girls (aged 6-12), and 7 adolescent girls. These children were court referred, and/or from families that did not want or could not afford to care for them.

After graduating from the University of Washington, I traveled across the United States on a greyhound bus/, ('99 dollars for 99 days'). From New York City, I sailed on the Queen Mary, (tourist class), to London, England, where I was employed as Coordinator of Pre-school Activities with Save the Children's Fund in the Borough of Westminster. We worked with children of families from other commonwealth countries, whose parents worked full time, and with children from single parent families. In the afternoons, I joined a friend who had established a Lunchtime theatre group, "Theatrescope", which presented plays from Theatre of the Absurd playwrights, such as Albee, Mortimer, Anouilh, etc. With another friend, an art gallery/café, "Square One", was formed. I performed as vocalist/guitarist there, at the "Ambiance", and at various international folk clubs, learning songs from students and new friends from all around the world.

After a year in London, I traveled to Vienna, where I lived with my sister, then working with the State Department. From Vienna, I traveled to Athens, Greece, where I auditioned and was accepted for a singing engagement to commence May 1st. On April 21st, 1967, the Greek coup, canceled, amongst other things, my singing engagement. I continued to sing at the boite, "Tholu 9", of Lakis Pappas, in the Plaka, until political unrest there and at home directed me back to the United States.

Studies at GW University in Washington, D.C., paralleled employment as Curriculum Coordinator and Teacher at the School for Contemporary Education, in McLean, Virginia, where I worked with children, K-12, in a variety of clinical and educational settings. There I helped develop educational, music, and art programs to benefit children with autism, learning challenged, as well as with gifted students.

I returned to Athens for a year of studio recording projects with Petros Pandis, and contemporary Greek composer, Yannis Markopoulos. On my return to the United States, I was Manager/Curator of Wood and Waesche Art Gallery and Framing, in Alexandria, Virginia, and continued study at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, in Washington, D.C. (1971-1973) During this time, at George Washington University, with the encouragement and financial support of Barklie Henry, The Whitman Production was formed. We produced and directed a multi-media theatre piece to, 'There Was a Child Went Forth'.

After moving to northern California, I completed internships at the Child Study Unit at University of California Medical School, Haight Ashbury Children's Center, in San Francisco, California, and at the Community Institute for Psychotherapy, in San Rafael, California, accumulating 3,000 hours, prerequisite to taking the California State Written and Oral Exams and earning the Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor License, (MFT License #MJ 021755), in 1986. My training and experience have encompassed special education, languages, (French, Greek, German), and the arts.

During academic training, and to the present time, I have continued to teach and perform music, (guitar, piano, vocal), including monthly performances to institutionalized audiences with the splendid non-profit organization, Bread and Roses, Mill Valley, Ca.,(from 1977-1980s).

In January of 1990, I was employed as a tutor to travel, with my daughter, Cordelia, a Sophomore in high school, with two families to India, Indonesia, Turkey, Greece, and Europe. My responsibilities on this six month amazing journey, were to organize and supervise curricula and other study programs for four traveling students, ages 9-16 years. The journey offered extraordinary opportunities to explore and integrate observations and experiences from nature and other cultures into our daily studies, to use the world as teacher!

Upon our return, I re-established my clinical practice in Corte Madera, California, and co-coordinated Project S.W.E.A.T., (Student Worldwide Environmental Action Teams), under the auspices of the Center for Changing Systems, I helped to prepare high school Sophomores in northern California to travel to Costa Rica where they met with Costa Rican high school student counterparts, engaged in similar environmental and ecological work. Included in the tree planting agenda of the students from both countries were student-designed creative presentations using images, pantomime, and music, cross-cultural expressions of their common experiences and concerns.


Member, Board of Directors, California Neuropsychology Services.

President, WBCNA, (West Blithedale Canyon Neighborhood Association), Editor of Quarterly Newsletter, Clarion, 1985-1987, and 2000-2001, Mill Valley, California.

CD Sound Recording, 'Inner Landscapes', Copyright/Certificate of Registration, January 17th, 1999; Words and Music; 9 Original compositions arranged by MWP and musicians; Engineered by Dave Wellhausen in San Francisco, Ca., USA; Art design and photography by Jose Fidel Justo-Bilbao.

Women's Leadership Institute, Women's Leadership for a New Century - Building Beyond Beijing,1996, Mills College, Oakland, California, USA, worked with the Planning Committee; Co-ordinated music, poetry and concept for collaboration with 'Women Walking Tall, (women on high stilts in splendid costume), in a presentation entitled, "Voices of the Earth, Women of the World"; and led singing during the Closing Session, in the Oakland Mills College Greek Theatre.

Performances for Bread and Roses: an organization which arranges performances for institutional audiences -- 7 years; piano, guitar, voice instruction

One Woman Art Exhibits, 1993 -present; seven exhibitions, beginning with Mill Valley Art Commission's presentation at the Mill Valley Library Gallery, Mill Valley, California, 1993: 'Marilla Waesche Pivonka, A Retrospective: Etchings, lithographs, serigraphs and paintings' .

1993, Publication of art work: Fabrizio Lomonaco, NUOVO CONTRIBUTO ALL'ICONOGRAFIA DI GIAMBATTISTA VICO (1744-1991), Guida editori, Copyright 1993 Guida editori Napoli (Italia); 92 (1978), Litografia di M. Waesche Pivonka, page 339; aluminium plate lithograph of Giambattista Vico, the enlightened 17th Century humanist philosopher who, for example, searched for a balance between classical and relativism doctrines), published on page 338, Fig. XCII, description on page 339.

One year commitment to study rituals and traditions of the Huichol Indians with Shaman Tomas Pinkson, and training to climb Mount Shasta. (2001-2002)

Publication of watercolour sketches in Building the Ladder, Twelve Years of Pilgrimage to Mt. Shasta, by Tom Pinkson, Ph.D.; cover art and additional sketches on pp. 23,36, and 41. (2002)

Traveled to Sri Lanka in March 2005, with an international team of educators.    Assisted in the training of Sri Lankan teacher trainers and counselors in emergency response, identifying trauma, and offering healing strategies for post traumatic stress disorder in children affected by the Tsunami. 

Additional music and art presentations and publications included in Art Resume, available upon request.


Edna Mitchell
Director of the Women’s Leadership Institute
Mills College
5000 MacArthur Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94613

Jeannine Herron, Ph.D., Director
California Neuropsychology Services,
Talking Fingers, and the Media Learning Center
One Saint Vincents Drive
San Rafael, California, 94903-1504
Work: (415) 472-3103
Home: (415) 479-6994
email: herron@readwritetype.com

Erica Goode, MD
Work: (415) 202-1531
Home: (510) 233-3819

Anne Evans, Principal
Currently working in Hong Kong, China
Email: anne.evans@wildmail.com

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